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A close up of a green emergency exit sign

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

In the event of a power cut or another emergency, ​your staff and customers need a route to safety. Having adequate battery-backed emergency lighting installed and maintained throughout your building is vital to help evacuate people safely and quickly.

What You Need To Know

Emergency lighting is designed to protect people in the event of an emergency. What's more, it is a legal requirement and breaches are likely to lead to fines or imprisonment for the responsible person(s).

Escape routes and exits should be illuminated to help people find safety and all lights must be 'flick tested' monthly and 'drained down' annually.

A collection of emergency lighting fittings
An illuminated green emergency exit sign with arrow pointing to the right

How Firetronik Can Help

Our experienced team install and maintain emergency lighting in all kinds of premises and in line with the BS5266 regulations.

Having emergency lighting installed and maintained is a legal requirement, so contact us today to discuss your emergency lighting requirements.

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